Mumbai University Previous year question papers Television and Video Engineering June 2006

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination June 2006

Television & Video Engineering

NB:-(1) Question No. one is compulsory. .

(2) Attempt in all five questions including question one.

(3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

(4) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.


1. (a) State the reason for the followi!1g:-

(i) In TV.system elm deflection and els  foccussing is used.

(ii) All TV system has odd numberof lines.

(b) Describethe encodingand decodingprocessin SECAMsystem.


2. (a) Describe the construction, principle of operation of image orthicon tube.

(b) What is effect of incorrect aspect ratio on the picture ?

(c) Describe the effect  of poor horizontal and poor vertical sccanning on picture.


3. (a) Explain in brief the following terms with reference to colour television transmission and reception.

(i) Luminance Signal

(ii) Chrominance Signal

(iii) Hue

(iv) Saturation

(v) Colour Subcarrier

(vi) Primary and Secondary Colour.

(b) What is the EIA test pattern? Draw standard signal and discuss the utility of this pattern in trouble shooting. “

(c) What are the blanking pulses?


4. (a) An Antenna is to be used at a place Z for receiving TV broadcast from some TV station X requires nine director~ and one reflector alongwith a dipole. Find out the lengths of various elements and inter-element spacing. The broadcast channel ranges from 82 89 MHz.

(b) Draw a block diagram to explain the principle of Digital Television.

(c) What is the role of colour killer circuit in television?


5. (a) Draw a CVS as video output when an Television set is fed with the following standard test signal.


(i) Colour bar pattern

 ii) Chess Board

 iii) White Colour.

 Indicate time parameters as well as percentage magnitude of voltages.

(c) Draw a diagram for describing the principle of operation of PIL tube.



6.(a) Briefly describe the drawback of Delta gun picture tube.

(b) Discuss briefly the different methods of AGC control in Television.

(c) Draw the block diagram of VHF/UHF tuner, in the receiver.


7.(a) Explain in I?,riefthe IF trap circuits used in television receiver.

(b) Write short note on the following :- (any four)

{a) EHT Section

(b) Monochrome Receiver

(c) Sync separator circuit


Cable TV

TV transmitter.

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