Mumbai University Previous year question papers Television and Video Engineering Dec 2006

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination Dec 2006

Television & Video Engineering


 (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt in all five questions including Q.No.l.

(3) Draw   neat sketches/diagram wher-ever necessary.

 (4) Figures to the, right indicate full marks.

(5) Assume suitable  data if necessary.


1. (a) Explain the following terms 

 (i) Persistance of vision

 ii) Decay time of phosphors

 (iii) Dark current

(iv) Transferancy of electron beam.



1.(a) Attempt any two: :

(i) What is the ImpJrtance of chromaticity diagram ?

 (ii) What is meant by compatibility of a color TV system?,

(iii) What is the Importance of Back porch is CVS

(b) What is the role of R.F. Tuner circuit in TV Receive~? With the help of block diagram explain working of UHF Tuner.

(c) Draw CVS waveform for at least two succesive lines and explain the term’s associated with it with ref. to the same diagram. Explain the importance of pedestal height.


2.(a) Sketch a practical video detector circuit incorporating the following features’ and explain the working:

(i) effective IF filtering

 ii) suppression of harm:::mics

 (iii) separation of inter carrier sound signal

(iv) frequency compensation.

(b) List the different AGe methods and explain in detail anyone method used in TV.


3.(a) Why (G-Y) colour difference signal is not ,’:onsidered for colour signal transmission?

(b) Draw block diagram of PAL TV receiver and explain the working and functions of each block.


4.(a) Compare the performance of Delta-gun and Trinitron and PIL tubes.

 (b) Describe new TV std. adopted for HDTV service, explain MUSE (multiple sub-Nyquist sampling incoding) and its advantages.


5.(a) Explain the working of TritiY’lon Colour picture tube; In colour signal transmission why is the “Colour Burst” required.

(b) Draw’ and explain the encoding scheme in SECAM system; explain theory associated with in brief.


6.(a) Which blocks of a TV Receiver are adjusted by following controls (any five) :’

 (i) Ohannel selector

 (ii) Brightness control

 iii) Constrast control

 (iv) Volume control

 (b)  Give reason’s:

 (i) 4:3 is the aspect ratio for TV.

(ii) All TV std’s have odd number of line’s.

(v) Horizontal hold

(vi) Vertical hold

(vii) Saturation OR colour control.


7. Write notes on (any four)

(a) Kell factor

(b) Digital TV

 (c) CCD Camera

(d)Fax Receiver-s (Group

 ePicture IF ar~ 50~d IF frequency


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