Mumbai University Previous year question papers Software Engineering June 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem IT Examination June 2009

Software Engineering

N.B. : (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions from remaining questions.

(3) Assume data if required.


1. (a) Explain in detail the incrementalmodel with the advantages and disadvantages.

(b) What are different size oriented metrics? Give limitations of LOC.


2. (a) Whatare differentsteps involvedin requirementsengineering? Whichtool is used to specify requirements?

 (b) Whatare differenttypes of FeasibilityStudiesconducted? Give egoof each when it is not feasible.


3. (a) Explain different types of White box testing and Black box Testing.

(b) Draw control flow graph for the PDL and find cyclometric complexity.

stl .,

st2 ;

if(cl) s13 ;

else if(c2 or c3) st4 ;

else stst5;

st6 ;

st7 ;


4. (a) DefineSoftwareConfigurationManagement.ExplainChangeControlManagement and Version Control.

(b) What is configuration Audit and Configuration Database?



5. (a) Draw Gant chart and Activity Diagramfor the following task set.

(b) What are different types of Maintenance? Give examples of each.


6. (a) What is Quality Assurance? What are different parameters of Quality?

(b) What is Coupling and Cohesion? What should good design contain?


7. (a) Capability Maturity Model

(b) Tools for Analy~is.

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