Mumbai University Previous year question papers Software Engineering Dec 2007

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem IT Examination Dec 2007

Software Engineering



1)Question no.1 is compulsory.


2) Attempt anyJour questions out of the remaining questions.

3) Assumptions made should be Cleary stated. – .

4) Assume suitable data whenever required but justify the same.

S) Figures to the right indicate full marks.


1. (a) Explain in detail the Incremental model with advantages and disadvantages.

 (b) Explain the FP based and Loc based estimation. Give its limitation.


2.(a) Explain in detail Risk identification and Risk projection.

(b) Explain briefly the various steps involved in requirement engineering, state and e?,plain the SRS characteristics.


‘3. (a) Explain in detail concurrent development model.

(b) What are the different tasks of software configuration management (SCM)? Discuss each in brief.


4. (a) Explain how project scheduling and tracking is done for a software development project.

(b) Compare Conventional approach and Object oriented approach to software developf!1ent. What are the advantages of OOAD?


s.(a) Discuss the issues related to ‘Interface design:

(b) Explain Black Box Testing and White box testing:


6. (a) Explain Basis path testing and cyclomatic complexity in detail.

(b) Explain Data flow diagram with suitable example.


7.Write short notes on (any!!Y.9) ;-

(a) CMM

(b) Software Project Planning

(c) S/W Quality assurance

(d) Compare Coupling and Cohesion

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