Mumbai University Previous year question papers Radar Engineering Dec 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination Dec 2008

Radar Engineering

N.S. : (1) Question NO.1is compulsory.

 .(2) Attemptany four questionsfrom remaining six questions.


1. (a) Explain the factors which govern the pulse repetation frequency.

(b) Explain in brief the various system losses in the radar.

(c) Explain the mechanism of range tracking of a moving target.

(d) Explain in brief about M.F.C.W. radar.


2. (a) Explain the methods for the integration of radarpulses to improve detection. Define the term integration improvement factor. How does their, factor affect the radar range equation?

 (b) Describe the chief characteristics of the radar echo from a target when its radar cross-section is in the (a) Rayleigh region; (b) Resonance region and (c) in the optical region.


3. (a) What do you mean by RCS fluctuations? Explain different Swerlings model  for RCS fluctuations.

 (b) What do you understand by the ter.m clutter? Explain the different types of radar clutter. Enumerate the properties of sea and land clutter.


4. (a) State the factors which influence the bandwidth of a radar receiver. Write down the advantages of large bandwidth.

(b) Derive an expression for doppler frequency shift in terms of transmitted frequency and radial component of target velocity vector.


5. (a) Explain the principle of operation of Hyperbolic Navigation system. Compare the principle of operation of Loran A and Loran C.

(b) Explain the role of loop antennas in radio direction finders. What is the need for a sense finder antenna system? Enumerate various methods employed for increasing loop voltage.


6. (a) Draw the block diagram of amplitude comparison monopulse tracking radar and explain its principle of operation with suit~ble sketches.

(b) Draw the functional block diagram of MTI radar system and explain its operation. Define the terms blind speed and MTI improvement factor.


7. Write short notes on the following :-

(a) Phased array radar

(b) ILS –limitations

(c) Delay line canceler

 (d) Conical scan tracking.

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