Mumbai University Previous year question papers Operating System for Computational Devices June 2007

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem IT Examination June 2007

Operating System for Computational Devices

N.S.: (1) Attemptany five questions.

(2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

(3) Assume suitable data, if required.


1.(a) Explainthe MASAMand SPARCassembler.

(b) Explainfilesystem and deadlock handling in UNIX.


2.(a) What is the forwardreference problem? Howitis handled in a two-pass assembler? Explain withthe help of database.

(b) Explainin detail about Peterson’s solution.


3.(a) State differencesbetween macro and a subroutine and explainwhen willa macro be used.

 (b) Explainmethods used for allocating disk space for files.


4.(a) What is the need of linkingeditor in systems programming? Explain its workingin brief.

 (b) Distinguishbetween compilerand interpreter. Explainoverlayand bindingin terms of loaders.


5.(a) Explainanyone scheduling algorithm.

 (b) Describe erroridentifiedbythe differentphasesof compiler.


6.(a) Differentiate between syntax tree and parse tree. Also explain.

(b) What is ambiguous grammar assuming some suitable grammar?


7.Write short notes on :

(i) Code optimization in compiler

(ii) Deadlock avoidance and prevention in operating system

(iii) Preemptive scheduling

(iv) Debug monitors.


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