Mumbai University Previous year question papers Object Oriented Analysis and Design June 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem IT Examination June 2008

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

N.B.(1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions  out of remaining six questions,

(3) Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary and state them.


1. As a developer, transform the following customer’s mission statement in to a complete, unambiguous description of the system using. Use case diagram and class diagram. Prime Car Rental company mission statement-

.Since we automated the tracking of cars at our stores-Using bar codes, counter top terminals and laser readers.-We have seen many benefits: the productivity of our renta1assistants has increased 20%, car rarely go missing and our customer base has grown strongly. The management feels that the Internet offers further existing opportunities for increasing efficiency and reducing costs. For examples rather than printing catalogs of available cars, we could make the catalog available to every Internet surfer for browsing on-line.

For privileged customers, we could provide extra services, such as reservations, at the click of a button. Our target saving in this area is a reduction of 15% in the cost of running each store...Within two years, using ‘the full power of e-commerce, we aim to offer all our services via web browser, with delivery and pick-up at the customer’s home, thus achieving our ultimate goal of the virtual rental company, with minimum running costs relative to walk-in stores.


2. Explain following terms using scenario described in Question No.1.

(a) Association

(b) Aggregation

(c) Multiplicity

(d) Generalization.


3. (a) Draw a sequence diagram for the following scenario-

To add/purchase books in a library: Students request for a particular title. Librarian takes help of inventory to find out if sufficient books copies’are available, If not, librarian consult a professor for approval of purchase of additional copies for that titel. If approved, librarian orders supplier for book copies. On arrival of book copies the students and professor are notified. While books are being added, student can/may/will issue other books if needed. Inventory is updated on arrival of book copies and payment is issued against bill by librarian.

(b) State and explain various steps in 00 design process.


4. (al Explain object oriented metrics and testing.

(b) Draw activity diagram for the Scenario described in Question 3.(a)


5. (a) Name and’ explain in short five Borch diagrams.

(b) How deployment diagrams are useful’in modeling a fully distributed system?


6. (a) How class diagrams are useful in modelling logical database schema? Explain with suitable example.

(b) Explain different types of coupling and cohesion. 10


7. (a) What is the difference between include and extends?

(b) What are swim lanes? Explain with-example.


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