Mumbai University Previous year question papers Network Technology for Digital Device Dec 2012

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

IV Sem IT Examination Dec 2012

Network Technology for Digital Device

N.S.: (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions from remaining six questions.


(a) A pure ALOHA network transmits 200 t)lt frames on a shared channel of 200kbps.

What is the throughtput if the system (all stations together) produces?

 (i) 1000 frames per second

(ii) 500 frames per second

(iil) 250 frames per second.

(b) Explain the life cycle of CORBA. 10


2. (a) What is routing in network? Write. the difference between adaptive and non-adaptive routing. Write anyone algorithm of adaptive routing.

(b) What Is RPC ? How RPC is implemented ? How are the stubs generated ? 10


3. (a) A companyjs granted the siteaddre$S 201·70·64·0T.he company needs six subnets. Design the subnets.

 (b) The following is a -dump of TCP header in h~xadecimal format 10

 05320017 0000000~ 00000000 .500207FF 00000000

(I) What is the so~rce port number? “,

(ii) What is the sequence ttumbe__.r


(Ui) What is the acknOWledgement number?

(iv) What is the length of header?

(v) What is the window size ?



(a) Calculate the maximum bit rate fora channel having bandwidth 1600 Hz. If : 10

(i) Sf N ratio 0 dB

 (ii) SIN ratio is 20 dB.

(b) Differentiate between :—- 10

(I) Star topology ana Bus topology

(Ii) Circuit switching and Message switching.


5. (a) Explain the network performance major metrios. 10

 (b) Explain hubs, gateways and bridges. 10


6. (a) Explain IPY datagram format. ” 10

(b) What is multiplexing ?Explain different types of multiplexing. 10


7. Write short notes .on·:-

(a) SNMP

(b) QPSK

(c) DNS

(d) CSMA / CD

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