Mumbai University Previous year question papers Microprocessors June 2007

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem CSE Examination June 2007


‘N.B.: (1) Question NO.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions out of the remaining.

(3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

(4) Assume suitable data if necessary with justification.

(5) Give proper comments to assembly language program.


1. Design an 8086 based microprocessor system with the following specifications:

(a) 8086 microprocessor working at 5 MHz.

(b) 8087 coprocessor for numeric calculations.

(c) 32 KB of EPROM using 16 KB devices.

(d) 128 KBof application program area using. 62256 chips.

(e) 2 input2 output 16-bit ports using 8255 chips in handshake mode to be addressed. in fixed port address mode. Draw the memeory and 110map. Use absolute decoding technique. Explain the design.


2. (a) Withthe help of neat diagrams. explain 8086-8087 interface. Highlightthe important signals of the interface.

(b) Discuss control and status word format of Numeric processor 8087.

(c) Explair:’the following:



3. (a) Explainwhat is meant by bus arbitration. Mention when it is required. Explaindifferent types of arbitration schemes.

(b) Explain with a neat diagram, use of 8289 in multiprocessor systems. 10


4. (a) Write a 8086 program to check ifa string initialised in the data segement is palindrome pr nQt.Clearlyspecifythe comments and state the addressing mode for each instruction.

(b) Explain the various data formats supported by 8087 coprocessor and convert the decimal No. (-67.71875)10 into short-real format.


5. Differentiatebetween:

 (a) Procedure andma~ro.

(b) BIU and EU of 8086 JiP

(c) I/O mapped I/O and memory mapped 1/0.

(d)’ Programmed I/O and interrupt I/O


6. (a) With the hlep of neat block diagram, explain the operation of 8255 in detail. Draw the timing diagram forthe modes available for group A along with BSR mod~.

(b) Write an assembly language program to use 8255 as :

 (i) Group A for handshake liP mode.

(ii) Group Bfor handshake– O/P mode. .Assume IC is just resulted.


7. Write short notes on any two :-

(a) Master-slave configuration of 8259 interfaced with 8086.

(b) 8254 Programmable Interval Timer.

(c) Interrupt structure of 8086.

(d) IEEE 488 GPIB.

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