Mumbai University Previous year question papers Microprocessor and Microcontroller May 2007

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem Electronics Examination May 2007

Microprocessor and Microcontroller

N.S.: (1) Question No.1 is compulsory. Solve any four ‘questions from remaining six.

(2) Assume   suitable data if necessary with  justification.

 (3) Figures to the right indicatefull marks. .

(4) Answers to questions should be grouped and written together.

(5) U~e Legible handwriting.


1. (a) Explain physical structure of ‘I/O ports of,8051 microcontroller.

(b) Interface following compone~ts to 8086 microprocessor working in minimum mode :-

(i) 16 KB EPROM memory using 2764 chip, mapped at top of memory space.

(ii) 16 KB application program area using 6264 chip to include IVT.

(iii) 2, 16 bit I/O ports using 8255 mapped at80H onwards.



2. (a) Design 8051 based microcontroller system to meet following specifications:- ‘

 (i) 32 KB program memory using 27256 chip

 (Ii)32 KB data memory using 61256 chip

(iii) 3, 8-bit I/O ports using 8255.

(b) Assume crystal frequency of 12 MHz to 8051 microcontroller, write assembly language program to generate square wave of 1 KHz on port bit P1.0 using timer 1 interrupt.



(a) What are SFRs ? Explain their utility with one example.

(b) Explain following instructions :-


(ii) ,CJNE A, # 99H, NEXT

(iii) XRL 32H, # 32H

(iv) DIV AS

(v) MOVC A,@A + PC.


4. What are the different multiprocessor configurations? Explain 8086-8087 interface with neat diagram.


5. (a) Explain string instructions of 8086. Write assembly language program using string instructions to transfer 100 bytes of data from 20000 H to 21000 H.

(b) Convert + 187.625 into short real format. .~ 5″



Explain interrupt structure of 8086 in detail. Explain priority mechanism of interrupts.

Explain asse!11blerdirectives, any two :-



7. Write short notes on any four :-

(a) Mixed language programming

(b) Addressing modes of 8086

(c), IEEE 488 standard

(d) RS 232 C bus standard

 (e) Serial port of 8051.

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