Mumbai University Previous year question papers Microprocessor and Microcontroller June 2006

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem Electronics Examination June 2006

Microprocessor and Microcontroller

N.B. :

Quest ion No.1 is COIlpllsory.

Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions.


1.(a) Draw the interfacing diagram for 8086 based system (minimum mode) with

(i) 16 KB EPROMusing 2764 devices,

(ii) 64 KB RAMusing 62256 devices,

(iii) 8255 PPI in memory address space,

Show the required latches, buffers, decoder.

Draw the memory map for above interface.

Describe the conditions(s) which cause the 8086 to perform each of the following types of interrupts: type 0, type 1, type 2, type 3, type 4.


1.Explain various addressipg modes of 8086 microprocessor with examples.

Explain the following assembler directives.

(i) DB (iv) PROC,

(ii) EXTRN (iv) PUBLIC.

(iii) MODEL



3. write a assembly language program using 8085 string moving a string from one location to another in memory.

Write a note on :

(i) IEEE 488 bus standard,

(ii) RS232C bus standard. instruction for


4.(a) Design a 8051 based microcontroller system with

(i) 8051 CPU at 12 MH

 (ii) Program memory16 KB

(iii) Data memory 32 KB

(iv) 8255 PPI

Discuss the Design.

Explain the interrupt structure of 8031/8051. following details:



(a) write a following programs (use 8051 UC) :

(i) Create a square wave of 50% duty cycle on bit 0 of port 1.

(ii) Create a square wave of 66% duty cycle on bit 3 of port 1.

 What are special function registers? Explain their utility with example.

What are the different multiprocessor configurations?

interface with neat, clear schematic in details.

Explain 8086-8087



Write a short note on mixed language programming using C and assembly language of 8086.

 List and explain the different data types supported by 8087NOP.ComtOOntdec:.mal number 178.625 into the short real represuntation used by the 8087.

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