Mumbai University Previous year question papers Medical Imaging Dec 2007

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

 VII Sem Biomedical-Examination DEC 2007

Medical Imaging


All questioncsa rrye qualm arks.

Answear nyf ive questionsB.u tq uestiorNr o.6 is compulsory.

Explainth e workingP rinciploef Magnr:trrce sonanclem aging.

\/Vhaat ret he advantageasn dd isadvantageosf M .R.i rnaginags comparedto C.T.


Et:plainh ow one couldo btaint he X and Y Co-ordinatesin, dependenot f Energyo f

thr:s ite of interactioonf GammaR adiationa t the detecror.

\iVhati s PositrorrE lmissionto mography? Explaint he basic physicsi nvolvedi n this


Explaino ne of the reconstructiotne chniquesu sed in tomographicim aging.

Oomparet his techniquew ith other r:echniquese mployedf or reconstructiono f

tomographics licesi;n medicali maging.

Whal are radiop harmaceutical?s Enumerateth e idealc haracteristicosf a Radio


Explainh ow far 99m-TcR adio-Pharmaceuticamlse ett hese idealc haracteristics.

Whata re the variousr adiationp rotectionm ethodse mployedt o minimiset he radiation

exposureto patientsa s lvella s personnewl orkingin nuclearm edicined epartments?

Comparea nd contrast” FrameM ode”a nd “ListM ode”o f data acquisition.

‘asn) on noteso n any four :-

Statica nd Dynamici maging

,b) Radio active qenerators


Contrasta gentsi n C.T.l maging

,d) Differentty peso f Magnetsu sedi n M.R.l maging

.e) Significancoef H,rusefieldN umbers

f) Soiral C.T.

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