Mumbai University Previous year question papers Manufacturing Process Planning and Systems June 2010

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem IT Examination June 2010

Manufacturing Process, Planning and Systems

N.B. (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Solve any four questions from remaining six questions.

(3) Draw neat sketches wherever required.


1. (a) What is transformation process? Explain it for a large manufacturing unit. 10

(b) List any ten operations that can be performed on Lathe machine and explain any four of them.


2. (a) Draw neat block diagram of Lathe machine and name atleast six important major parts.

(b) Differentiate between gang drilling and multiple spindle drilling operation. 4

(c) Explain resistance spot welding with the help of neat schematic diagram, 6

(d) What are advantages and limitations of polymers? 4


3. (a) With the help of neat schematic diagram explain the process of rolling. 6

(b) Write a note on operation sheet preparation. 6

(c) Explain any four SQC tools with neat sketches. 8


4. (a) What are the basic objectives of control charts? Explain control charts for attribute data.

(b) Write a note on CNC operational sequence with the help of block diagram. 10


5. (a) Differentiate between absolute and incremental system of programming used in CNC machines with suitable example.

(b) With neat schematic diagrams explain any two robot co-ordinate systems. 6

(c) Explain group technology. Write its advantages and limitations. 8


6. (a) What is ergonomics? Which factors will be considered for an ergonomic design of a chair used in I. T. industry ?

(b) Explain with schematic diagram, product layout and process layout. 8

(c) What is the role of forecasting in capacity planning? 6


7. (a) What is the role of demand management in Assemble-to-order environment? 6

; (b) What is Master Production Schedule? What are its main objectives? On what basis it is prepared?

(c) Write a note on Just-ln- Time. 8

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