Mumbai University Previous year question papers Internet Programming Dec 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

IV Sem IT Examination Dec 2009

Internet Programming

N.S.: (1) QuestionNO.1 is compulsory, solve any four questions from remaining six questions.

 (2) Assume suitable data wherever necessary.

 (3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

 1. (a) Explain CSS.

(b) Explain the following HTML tags :-

(i) Anchor tag (ii) Hr. and Img tag

(iii) Frame tag (iv) Form tag.

(c) What are the options include in the HTTP method?

(d) Compare HTTP and FTP.

2. (a) Write HTML code to draw your class timetable.

(b) Explain all the built-in objects in ASP.

3.’ (a) Write HTML code to design a form with three radio buttons red, green, blue. Write Javascript code that will change the background color of the page when user clicks on the particular button.

(b) Explain servlet life cycle in detail. 10

4. (a) Write HTML code to accept input from the user for course registration. Input will include Name, Age and Email-id. Write code for validating input data.

(b) Explain frameset, frame, noframe, iframe tags, scrolling and frame border with example.

5. (a) Explain XML and XSL with example.

(b) Explain Javascript built-in objects with method and description.

6. (a) How is JSP request pr.ocessed by a Web browser? Explain with diagram.

(b) Write a program in JSP to display system date and time.

(c) Explain URL.

7. (a) Write a note of :-

(i) Declaration tag

(ii) Expression tag

(iii) Scriptlet tag

(iv) Action tag.

(b) Write ASP code to read empnum, empname, and salary from HTML form and display in ASP.

(c) Write steps where to save the ASP and JSP program and how to execute and run.

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