Mumbai University Previous year question papers Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation Dec 2007

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination Dec 2007

Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation

N.S. : (1) Attempt any five questions.

(2) Each, question carries 20 marks. Each sub-question carries 10 marks.


1.(a) What are the functions of money?

(b) Take an example and explain in detail, the credit creation by banks.


2.(a) Explain briefly, the different types of competition with their advantages and disadvantages.

(b) List and explain the functions of RBI.


3.(a) Explain Maslow’s Motivation Theory and write its disadvanta;}es.

(b) What a,re the costs associated with inventory?


5.a) Explain ABC analysis of inventory control.

(b)For an item, price = Rs. 30. Annual demand =

4800. Inventory carrying

cost= 30%. Ordering cost is =

Rs. 80.

Find the Economic order quantity.


6.(a) What are different phases of project and its management?

(b) Discuss the applicationof industrialpsychology in Human Resoure Management.

(a) Explain the terms payback period and Net present value, along with their application.

(b) What are the sources of public revenue?


7.Write short notes on any two:

(a) Direct and Indirect Taxes

(b) New Economic Policy

(c) Communication in Management.

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