Mumbai University Previous year question papers Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation Dec 2006

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination Dec 2006

Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation

N.B.: (1) Question no. 1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions out of remaining questions.

(3) Answersto the sub-questlons ofa q,uestionshouldbe writtentogether and one belowthe other.


1. (a) Explainprice equilibriumin perfect competition.

(b) Explainmarket segmentation and its significance.

‘(c) Explainthe concept of Elasticityof demand.

(d) What are the sources of industrialise finance?


2.’ (a) Disucss the fl,mctions of Reserve Bank of India. Also discuss the multiple credit creation by ban’ks. I:,” ‘

(b) Explain the following terms-

(i) Functions of money.

(ii) Differentiate between Direct and Indirect tax.


3. (a) What are the determinants of Economic development? Explain critical minimum effort and big push strategy for economic growth.

(b) What are the sources of public revenue ?-Briefly discuss the balance of trade and balance of payment.


4. (a) Explain Blanchard’s situationa,lleadership theory. 10

(b) ExplainMaslow’sneed hierarchyand compare it with Herzberg’smaintenancemotivation theory. 10


5. (a) (i) Explain theo4 ‘P’s of marketing management. 10

(ii) Balanced and unbalanced grow strategy. ..

(b) What are the costs associated with inventory? Explain ABC analysis as an j’nventory control technique.


6. (a) Discuss the application of industrial psychology in Human Resource management. 10

(b) Discuss the factors that influence the span of management. What are the causes of poor communication. –


7. Disucss the following :-

(a) EXIM Policy.

(b) Line and staff relation in an organisation.

(c) Payback metJ1’od.

(d) New Economic Polic~.

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