Mumbai University Previous year question papers Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation Dec 2005

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination Dec 2005

Industrial Economic and Telecom Regulation

NB:-Question NO.1 is compulsory,

Attempt any four questions out of remaining

six questions.Figure$ to the right indicate full marks.

Answers to the sub-questions of a question should be written together and one below the other,


1 (a)Explain the equillibrium of a competitive firm is short run and long run,L:xplain ‘sYstems approach’ to management.

(b) List function,s of a central bank. Explain the credit control function and its various techniques.


2.a) Explain delegation of authority. Discuss guidelines to effective delegation.

(b) Explain features of less developed countries with reference to India.


3.a) Explain Maslow’s need hierarchy and compare it with Herzberg’s maintenance motivation theory.

Explain :-

(i) Exchange rate determinations.

(ii)  Devaluation of currency.

(b) Explain the objectives and process of marketing reserarch.


4.a) Compare direct and indirect taxes in respect to features, advantages and their impact on taxpayers.

(b) Explain the uses of principles of industrial psychology in selection and training of employees.


5.a) Explain price elasticity of demand. How is this concept useful? Explain two methods of measuring elasticity of demand.

(b) Draw a balance sheet. Explain all terms used in it.


6. rite short notes on :-

a) Appropriate technology.

(b) ABC inventory control.

(c) Payback method.

(d) Functions of Money.

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