Mumbai University Previous year question papers GUI and Database Management June 2010

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

III Sem IT Examination June 2010

GUI & Database Management

N.B.: (1) Question no. 1 is compulsory.

(2) Answer any four 9ut o~the remaining questions.


1. (a) What do you mean by E-Rdiagram ?Draw E-Rdiagram for university database consisting of four entities: Student, department, Class,faculty

 student has a unicjue id,the student can enroll for multiple classes’ and has at most one major.

 – Faculty must belong to department and faculty can teach multiple classes

 – Each class is taught by only one faculty

 – Every student will get grade for the class he/she has enrolled.

 (b) Describe the overall architecture of a DBMS with a diagram


2. (a) Explain following Relationalalgebraoperators with suitable examples ;-

 (i) Select

(ii) Project

(iii) Join

(iv) Division

(v) Cartesian product

(b) Give four advantages that a DBMS has over that of a file system.


3. (a) Explain the following controls of Visual basic:-

(i) Listbox

(ii) Command button

(iii) Combo Box

(iv) Message bo~

(v) Checkbox

(b) Explain Murphy’s law of GUI Design with the help of an example.


4. (a) DesignActiveXcontrol for the following GUIscreenand explain the procedure for Adding the control to component dialog box Calendar.OCX

(b) DiscussADO and COM Remote Architecture.



5. (a) What do you understand by deadlocks in database system? Explain how it is prevented.

(b What is transaction? Discuss state transition diagram and properties of transaction.


6. (a) For the given employee database give an expression in SQlfor the following:

Employee(empna me,street,city)


Company (company-name, city)

Manages (empname. manager-name}

(i) Create table ,insert values for all the tables given

(ii) Modify the database so that ‘jones’ now lives in ‘Newtown’

(iii) ive all employees of First bank corporation a 10 percent raise.

(b) Define Serializability ? Explainconflict and view serializability.


7. Write short notes on :-

(i) ValidationBasedprotocol

(ii) Total participation,Partialparticipation, Uniquekey, primarykey and partial key

(iii) logbased and checkpointbased recovery mechanisms.

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