Mumbai University Previous year question papers Environmental Studies Dec 2012

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

I Year Examination Dec 2012

Environmental Studies


N.D.: (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any three questions from Questions Nos. 2 to 6.

(3) Figures to right indicates full marks.

(4) Draw neat sketches wherever necessary.


1. Attempt any five of the following :-

(a) Why acid-rains are cause,d ?

(b) What are the sour~es and effects of E-pollution ?

(c) How Indoor pollution is caused?

(d) With suitable example explain the concept of food-chain.

(e) ~ich are renewable energy sources’? Why they are impor-tant·-?–~—

(f) Whatrole is playedby Ministry of Environmentand Forest (MoEF) in conservation of Environment

(g) What is Appropriate Technology ?


2.  Explain Socio-Economic aspects of sustainable dev.elopment. 5

(b) With the help of neat diagram, explain working of venturi Scrubber. 5

(c) ExplaiQ,briefly how Photo’ voltaic cells are useful in harnessing solar energy? 5


3. (a) Explain briefly Industrial waste water treatment. 5

(b) ythat are the powers and functions.ofCentral Pollution Control Board.? . 5

(c) Explain the concept and objectives of Green Building.



4. (a) How does Biomass and Energy flow are related in Ecological Pyramid? 5

(b) How electricity can be generated from wind energy? 5

(c) Explain salienl features of Environmental Protection Act. 5


5. (a) How Resource utilisation as per carrying capacity is important for sustainable development?

(b) With suitable diagram of steam power plant, explain how electricity can be obtained from geothermal energy’?

(c)” What is Solid Waste Management? How Solid Waste M3:nagement is done by composting.


6. (a) Explain various methods or techniques for managing earthquakes?

(b) What are the sources and effects of noise pollution ?

(c) Explain the relevance of3R for sustainable development.

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