Mumbai University Previous year question papers Electronics Instrumentation System June 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination June 2009

Electronics Instrumentation System

N.S. : (1) Question NO.1is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions.

(3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

(4) Draw neat diagram.


1. (a) Why is a delay line used in the vertical section of an oscilloscope?

(b) Give standard specifications of a signal generator.

(c) Explain factors involved in selection of voltmeter.

(d) Describe the intensity modulation and velocity modulation in a CRa.


2. (a) Draw the functional block diagram of a general purpose C.R.a. Explain the working of each block in detail.

(b)’ What are Lissajuous patterns? How are they used for measurement of frequency and phase?


3. (a) Explain in detail the construction and working of storage oscilloscope.

(b) Explain factors involved in selection of Electronic Voltmeter. Explain the working of Electronic Voltmeter using FET bridge.


4. (a) Explain with the help of block diagram working of digital phase meter and states its merits and demerits.

(b) Explainwiththe help of neat diagram Fastest AIDAnalog to DigitalConverter. Its merits and demerits.


5. (a) With the help of neat diagram, explain the working of function generator with proper waveforms at various points.

(b) Discuss the principle of operation of Q-meter and Impedance measurement using Q-meter.


6. (a) Explain with block diagram AF sine and square wave generator. Also state the front panel of signal generator.

(b) Drawthe functionalblockdiagram of op-amp and state the ideal characteristics of op-amp.


7. Write short notes on (any three) :-

(a) Beat frequency oscillators

(b) CRT tube

(c) Anyone method of Digital-to-Analog converter

(d) Requirements of pulse generator.

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