Mumbai University Previous year question papers Electronic Instrumentation June 2005

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

 VII Sem ETC-Examination June 2005

Electronic Instrumentation

1.(a) Defino the followingtorms (any five) :–

(I) Accuracy (iI) Procision (iii) Reproducibilily

Explain each of the above with an example.

(b) (i) What is a transducer? How is a transducer different from a sensor?

(ii) What is furzzy control?

(iii) Draw tho circuit of oldronic prD contlOlior.

(iv) Defino gage factor of n piOZlHosisllvotransducor.

(v) Explain doad limo in a process.


2.(a) What are the different types of variable head flowmeters? Explain with neat diagrams any two.

(b) How is displacement measured? Slate the different transducers used and explain any two in detail.

3.(a) Compare the followingtemperalure transducers with respect to their characteristics, range of measurement and applications RTD,Thermocouple and Thermistor.

(b) Write a short note on vibration measurement. Draw a neat diagram of the measurement setup.

4.(a) Drawthe measurement selup of pressure measurement system, where the diaphragm is used, the oulput from the system is desired as electrical voltage.

(b) Whyare signalconditioningcircuitsused in measurement systems? Drawcircuitand explainan instrumentation amplifier. State its advantages over other amplifier.


5.(a) Howis a capacitivetransducerused forlevelmeasurement,for conductingliquidand non conductingliquid.

(b) Draw the block diagram of programmable logic controller and explain each block in detail, state the importance of t~e. power supply module.

6. (a) What is a neural network? What are the different methods of training a neural network?

(b) What are the different types of continuous cont’rollors? Explain each of them stating their advantages and disadvantages.

7.A Certain process control system has the following parameters being measured.

(a) Pressure (b) Temperature (c) PH (d) Level.

It is desired to require, monitor, display and log all the above data. Draw the setup desired.

(b) State the differences between a microprocessor based setupand computer based setup.


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