Mumbai University Previous year question papers Electronic Instrumentation Dec 2005

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

 VII Sem ETC-Examination Dec 2005

Electronic Instrumentation


N.S. (1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four out of remaining six questions.


1. Answer the following questions :-

(a) State the advantages 0: LVDT.

(b) What is load cell? Whore it is used?

(c) Explain any three basic characteristics of  measuring rlevice.

(d) What is the need of digitaldata acquisition system.


2. (a) What are the different methods of flow measurement? Describe any two methods in detail.

(b) Explain construction, working and applications of LVDT.


3.(a) What do you mean by data acquisition system. Explain generalised data acquisition system with neat diagram.

(b) Explain single channel and multichannel data acquisition system.


4. (a) Explain different methods for tunning of PID controllers.

(b). What is neural network? What are the different methods of training a neural network?


5(a) What is Fuzz control? Describe elements of fuzzy logic.State the advantages and disadvantages of fuzz controller.

(b) Explain working of a PID controller,state advantages of PID controller over other controllers.


6. (a) What is a PLC ? Describe its block diagram and explain in detail the different modules.

(b) Explain principle,construction and working of a resistance thermometer.

7. Write short notes on any two ;-

(a) Oat’! logger. (c) Supervisory control.

(b) Ladd’3r diagram.

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