Mumbai University Previous year question papers Electronic and Electrical Measuring Instruments and Machine Dec 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

IV Sem Electronics Examination Dec 2009

Electronic and Electrical Measuring Instruments and Machine

N.B.: (1) Question NO.1 IScompulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions.

(3) Assume suitable data wherever required and state clearly.

(4) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

(5) Illustrate answers with sketches wherever required.


1. Answer any four of the following :-

(a) Compare a true rms meter with an average responding meter

(b) ExplainR-2R ladder method of convertingdigitalvoltage to analog voltage

(c) Describe the workingof phase measurement by voltage additionmethod

(d) Explain the working of digital frequency meter

(e) Explain how an oscilloscope displays a signal

(f) Explain significance of back emf in D.C. motor.


2. (a) Explain the need of starter for Induction motor. What are different types of starter? Explain anyone type of starter.

 (b) State the types of stepper motor? Explain anyone stepper motor in detail. 10 


3. (a) What are different types of analog frequency meter? Explain the principle, construction and working of anyone type.

(b) With neat diagrams and waveforms, explain the working of a phase meter using flip/flops.


.4. (a) State general characteristics of digital voltmeter. Explain with block diagram successive approximation type of DVM.

(b) What are different methods of converting digital to analog signal? Explain anyone  method in detail.


5. (a) Draw a neat circuit diagram and explain the working of an analog electronic voltmeter using FET bridge.

 (b) Explain in brief the working of R.F. signal generator with the help of block diagram.


6. (a) Explain need and working of any high frequency CRO with the help of neat diagram.

 (b) Write short note on component testing using CRO. 10


7. Write short note on any three of the following :-

(a) Single Phase Electrodynamometer Type Power Factor Meter.

(b) Moving Iron Instruments

(c) Megger

(d) Maxwell Bridge

(e) Speed Control of DC Motor.

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