Mumbai University Previous year question papers Electromagnetic Wave Theory Dec 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

IV Sem ETC-Examination Dec 2008

Electromagnetic Wave Theory

N.S.: (1) Question NO.1 is compulsory.

(2) Solve any four questions from remaining.

(3) Assume suitable additional data wherever nec~ssary.


1. Design the two stage R-C coupled CS amplifier to meet the following specifications.

IAvl> 100. FL < 20 Hz Va = 4 V. IOSQ= 1.2 mA

Assume gmo = 5000 ~H Vp= 4V.

Assume suitable VDD lOSS= 7 mA rd = 50 K O.


2. (a) Design a large signal transformer coupled ‘class A power amplifier to provide 10W output to .the 4 Q load. h

(b) Explain working and analyze class B power amplifier.

3. (a) Draw the circuit diagram using op-amps to realize Va = 6V1 + 3 V2- 3V3′ Derive output expression.

(b) Designop-ampbasedWein-Bridgeoscillatorwhichgenerates15KHzfrequency.


4. (a) Draw equivalent circuit of FET amplifier at high frequency for the given amplifier and hence draw low frequency response.

(b) What are the various methods to improve CMR~ of differential amplifier?


5. (a) Draw BiFET, BiMOS differential amplifier circuits. State application for each.

(b) Using suitable block diagrams explain various types of negative feedback circuits.


6. (a) Draw the circuit diagram of a temper~ture compensated log amplifier. Derive expression of putput.

(b) What are advantages of crystal oscillator over other high and low frequency oscillator.

7. Write a short notes :-

(a) Cascode Amplifier

(b) Darlington Pair Amplifier

(c) Tuned Collector Oscillator

(d) Design of Heat Sink.

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