Mumbai University Previous year question papers Convergence of Technologies and Networking in Communication Dec 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem IT Examination Dec 2009

Convergence of Technologies & Networking in Communication

N.S.: (1) Question NO.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions of the remaining six questions.

(3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

(4) Answer to questionsshould be grouped and written together.

(5) Use a blue/black ink pen to write answers.


1. (a) Describe in brief each modulation method.

b) Compare the different data multiplexing technique$.


2. (a) Explainconvergence of voice, video and imageinto one flexible network.


b) Howconvergence of these network applications (voice, video and image) are implemented in the ATMnetwork?


3. (a) State the differences between synchronous and asynchronous communication. 10

(b) Describe a data communication model. Compare 2G, 3G and 4G wireless communication systems.


4. (a) What is traffic management? Explain the different elements of Traffic Management.

(b) Explainthe TMN(TelecommunicationManagement Network)with appropriate diagrams.


5. (a) Explain any handoff algorithm for wireless technology. 7

(b) Why infra-red technology is used in wireless CAN? Describe in briefabout the bluetooth technology.


6. (a) How key management for symmetric encryption techniques is done using Kerbemos ? 

(b) How is hash function advantageous over encryptionfor data integration? Explain Message Digit 5 (MD5) algorithm for hash function.


7. Write short notes on any two of the following :-

 (a) FDMAITDMA in GSM networks

 (b) Digital signatures and certificates

 (c) ISDN

 (d) Adhoc wireless networks.

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