Mumbai University Previous year question papers Computer Programming I Dec 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

I Year Examination Dec 2009

Computer Programming-I

N. 8.: (1) Question No. 1is compulsory.


(2) Attemptany four questions out of remainingsix questions.


1. (a) Write short note on :-

(i) Features of Java

(ii) Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

(b) Write a program to print the following pattern.

 2. (a) What is command line argument? Write a program to find largest of three integers accepted from command line.

(b) Write a program to capitalize the first character of each word from a given sentence (example: all the best AllThe Best).

3. (a) Explain Exception handling mechanism in JAVA.

(b) Write a program to search an integer in an Array of integers.

4. (a) Explain Interface and use of Interface with example. 10-

(b) Write a program to accept student names from the command line and store them in vector.

5. (a) Explain Thread life cycle and explain any five methods of class Thread.

(b) Write a program to print. / . / . / . / . / . / . / using two child thread.

(hint: One thread responsible for printing. and another for/)


6. (a) What is the difference between application and applet. Write an applet to display the following.



 (b) Explainlifecycle of an applet and demonstrate howto pass parameter to an applet. 10

7. Write short notes (any four) :-

(a) Wrapper Classes

(b) Access protection in Java

(c) String Buffer Class

(d) Abstract Class

(e) java.util.package.

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