Mumbai University Previous year question papers Computer Networks Dec 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem CSE Examination Dec 2008

Computer Networks

1. (a) Explain different types of routing Algorithm.

(b) Explain error detection Algorithm.


2. (a) Explain subnetting and sup:ernetting. 10

(b) Explain stop and wait and sliding window protocols with suitable examples. 10


3. (a) Compare congestion control and flow control.

(b) Explain RSA Algorithm with suitable example for public key security.


4. (a) ‘List blue tooth features and explain network formation process.

(b) S1ate different physical. m~dia properties.


5. (a) List 10 important features of IPV6 protocol.

(b) State differentTCP flags.


6. (a) Explain ATM adaption layer also describe VPI and VCI concept.

(b) How mails are sent or received? Show it with diagram.

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