Mumbai University Previous year question papers Communication Skill Dec 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

I Year Examination Dec 2009

Communication Skill

1. (a) What is meant by Feedback? Is it a part of communication  cycle? What role does it play in the process of communication?

(b) ‘Socio’-psychologicalbarriers can be overcbme onlyby one’s OWFI efforts’. Discuss the statement giving examples of any tHree Socio-psychological  barriers.


2. (a) Writeshort notes on any two :-

(i) Techniquesto improvepublic.speaking

(ii) Role played by gesture in bo~y language

(iii) Meritsand demeritsof oralcbmmunication.

(b) Expl~in the- need of external and int~rnal communication in Business organisations.

3.(a) Comment on the difference between Hearing and Listening. What are the benefits of active listening?


(a) Compare and contrast between Oral and Written Communication.

(b) Difinethe following :-

(i) Email

(ii) Drilling

(iii) Calculator

(iv) Torch

(v) Phonetics


4. (a) Part of your duties as Hostel Secretary on your campus include organising a health check-up for the hostel inmates. You have heard from your friends at another college tha~ the Red Cross Society has conducted an effective health program on their campus. Therefore, write  to. the Incharge of the Red Cross SocietY enquiring if they willarrange a health check-up in  your hostel. Give the all theldetails of your requirements. (Use semi block form).


(a) You want to renovate your office at Bandra-Kurla Complex. Wirte  a letter of enquiry to Elegant Interior Decorators with special mention to the  estimated cost of renovation.


(b) Write an applicatjon letter in r~sponse to the followingadvertisement. Assume required qualifications.:- . ‘

Wanted a Service Advisorat our Bangalore office. The candidate must have a MastersDegree in ComputerEngineeringwithfiveyears of relevant.experience. Adynamicprofessional with Excellentcommunicationwillbe preferred. Please send your detailed resume to P. S. Toyato, 30 M.G. Lane, Bangalore. (Use complete Block format).


5. (a) Describe anyone of the following objects by giving definition, diagram, descripiton and working :-

(i) Voltmeter

(ii) Microscope

(Hi) Transformer

(b) Matchithe following :-

(a) Resume

(b) Full block form

(c) Letter head

(d) FB/104/09

(e) Surplus

(i) Our reference

(ii) excess

(iii) No indents

(iv) Logo/Emblems

(v) e:V.


6 (a) Use any three sets of words to form a single sentence :-

(i) Adverse – Averse ‘.

(ii) I!!icit- elicit

(iii) Tribunal – Tribute

(iv) Substantiate – Substantial.

(b). Provide one word substitutefor the following sentences :-

(i) The art of metalworking.

(ii) The art of measuringland.

(iii) An instrumentfor measuringelectric current.

(iv) The scientific study of industrial art.

(v) A place where manufactureris carried on.

(vi) Language which is confused an unintelligible.

7, Read the following passage and answer the questions given below :-

To me an I~dian bazaar is source of endless delight and excitement. It is usually a series of plain wooden stalls on which are piled with unconscious artistry, brightly  coloured fruits, vegetables, spices,’ gleaming silver jewellery, brilliant silk and cotton, or charming grotesque, painted wooden toys. The vendors who can’t afford a stall sit on the payment outside the market, their baskets stacked behind them their wives in vivid cotton saries crouching in the shade and in front of  them are spread carpets of scarlet. Chillies drying in the sun, small hills of saffron, turmeric, coriander, ginger, cinnamon all the magical names of the old days of the spice trade with the Indies with a worn stone mortar and pestle the vendor or his wife will grind your spices for you, blending them according to your own particular taste and weigh them in tiny brass scales strung on twine and balanced delicately in one hand. In aUtransactions you receive an pleasantly individual attention, nothing standardized. .

(a) The skill with which the goods are arranged is described as unconscious artistry. “Unconsciousartfstry” here means.

(i) a skilled art which is inherited and therefore unconscious.

(ii) a pleasing effect achieved without deliberate effort.

(iii) a highly intricate and deliberate effort which merely seems unconscious.

(iv) a subconscious skill which every individual possesses.

(b) Which two phrases at the end of the passage contrast the Indian bazaar ith another type of market?

(c) The author describes two types of vendors those who have stalls and those who do not. How do the latter sell their goods?

(d) Find single words in the passage which mean the following :-

(i) business dealing

(ii) strangely shaped

(iii) made the same

(iv) booths

(v) bowl

(vi) a short heavy instrument used for crushing something into powder.

(e) It is usually a series olplain wooden stalls,on which are piled with unconscious artistry :-

(i) Rewrite the sentence using without instead of with.

(ii) What does it refer to in this sentence?

(f) Rewrite the following sentence adding which in the place indicated :-

“With a worn stone mortar and pestle the vendor or his wife will grind

your spices for you, which … own particualr taste.”

(g) The author’s point of view in this passage is that of :-

(i) an impartial observer

(ii) a disenchanted traveller

(iii) a buyer of rare and strange goods

(iv.) an enchanted observer.

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