Mumbai University Previous year question papers Biomedical Instrumentation May 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

 VII Sem Biomedical-Examination May 2008

Biomedical Instrumentation

(1) Quest ionN o.1 is compulsory

(2) at t ” *pr any lour quest ionso ul o1r emainlngs ix questlons’

(3) Figurest o the r ight indicalel ul l marks

(4) Draws ketches/diagramws her levenre cessary

(5) Assumes ui tabled ataw henevenr ecessary

1.(a) Discussd i l ferenlm odeso f ESU and also explainh how and Bicoagulaot n s ach evedu srngn eatr ‘ t ‘aveiorms

(b) ExplarnU nrpoa r and Bipolarr nodeo l ESI – r Drawl he ci rcui td tagramo f coagulai ionm odei n ESUa nd explainl t

2.(a) Calculatleh e maxrmumc nefgyi n ioulest)h atn / iI be del ivere{do ra patreni loado l 100( J Lrsrnag 33 LLct apaci lorc hargedt o 5 kV’

(b) Drawa slmpl t l icccit rcul td lagramo l d c dei br i l latora nd explain

(c) Drawa nd explaint he Cl rct r idl iagramt or rateg oneratora nd pace prllso generaloro l cardiacP acem ak er . t )

3.(a) Discussth e worklngp r rnclpleo i endoscL’pJyn d si the vr t iousa t rxi l lary cquiprnentus sedd ur l r lge nr loscopipcr ocedures

(b) Explainu sings ui tableJ agrarnlh e workingo f the pneumat ics ect ion ol a ventllator

4.(a) Discussd i l ferenlm odeso f ESU and also explainh ow and Bicoagulaot n s ach evedu srngn eatr ‘ t ‘aveiorms

(b) ExplainI CHDC ode.Draw and explaint he block diagraf f ro l sy| lcn[onous asynchronouPsa cemaKer r ) Explaint he surgel aradc rnodeo f a Nervea nd muscle neat circuil dlagram. Also l istt he appl icat ionosf thrsm oder nt reatmenl ‘

5.(a) Explainth edragram.

(b) Whata re the typeso i dialysersu sedi n Explaina ny two dialysersw i ths ui table workingp r incipleo t hemodlalysmisa chine hemo dialysis machine. diagram ?

6.(a) Explainu singc i rcuidt agramw orkingp r inciploel a shor tw aved iathermy

(b) Explainu singc i rcuidt ragramw orki -npgr incipleo f a ul t rasountdh erapy machine.

7.(a) Whati s babyi ncubato?

Whata re’thep hysiologicpaalr ametemrso nitored./contrionlb leadb yi ncubator ?

‘Explainw ithc ircuidt iigramh owt emperaturres c ontroJleind. babyin cubator’

(b) Explaina nyo nea ppl icat ioonf LASERI n BlomedrcaEln gineer ing

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