Mumbai University Prev Exam Paper Biomedical Instrumentation May 07

Mumbai University Prev Exam Paper Biomedical Instrumentation May 07

(1) QuestionN o.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempat nyf our questionso f the remainingsi x questions.

(3) Draw neat labelled diagrams wherever necessary.

(4) Figurest o ther ight indicatefsu ll marks.

1.(a) What is the basicp rincipleo f ultrasoundth erapy? Drawa nd explaint he block diagramo f Ultrasoundth erapyu nit. Explaint he pulsea nd continuousm ode of applicalionin ultrasountdh erapy.

(b) What is basicp rincipleo f electosurger?y What are the advantageso f use of electrocautr?y W hata ret he unipolaar ndb ipolara pplicationtse chniqueisn ESU?

2.(a) Whata ret hef unctionosf naturakl idney? Whati s basicp rinciploef an artificial kidney? Whata ret hef iveb asicfu nctionpse rformebdy h emodialysmisa chine?

(b) Whata ret hed ifferenbt locksa ssociatewd ithh emodialvsmis achine?Howa ret hesec orrelatewdi the acho therto achievfei vef unctionosf hemodialvsis machine?

3.(a) what is fibrillation? How is it overcome? what are the two methodso f electrode placemenut sedt o delivere nergyt o the hearti n defibrilldtio?n Whati s the advantage biphasicp ulseo verm onophasipc ulsei n defibrillatio?n

(b) Drawa nd explainth e blockd iagramo f cardiacd efibrillatoarn d explainit .

4.(a) Whati s basicp rincipleo f highf requencyh eatt herapy? Whata ret he application techniqueos f shortw aved iathermy? Explainth em.

(b) Drawsimplifiecdir cuidt iagramo f shortw aved iathermya nde xplainit . what isa uto tuning in short wave diathermy ? What is it’s necessary ? How is it achieved ?

5.(a) What is electrod iagnosisa nd electrothe raphy? What are lR radiations? What are thes ourceso f lR radiation?s Explainth em.

(b) Drawa nyc ircuiwt hichy ouk nowt o generatfea radics,u rgedfa radica ndp ositive exponentiaplu lsesfo rn ervem uscles timulatorS. howt hep ulsesa t respectivpeo int in the circuit.

6.(a) Explainth ec onductiosny stemo f humanh eart.W hati s cardiacp acemake?r What ist he needf orc ardiacp acemake?r

b) Designa rateg eneratorc ircuitf or pacemakerto generater ate7 2 beats/minute. 10

7.a) Whati s ventilato?r Whata ret he differenmt odeso f ventilatiouns edi n ventilato?r

b) Whati s endoscope? Explainth eb asicp rincipleo f endoscopea nda pplicationisn . 1O

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