Mumbai University Previous year question papers Applied Chemistry-I June 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

I Year Examination June 2009

Applied Chemistry-I

N.S. : (1) Question NO.1is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions from remaining six questions.

(3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

(4) All questions carry equal marks.


1. Attemptany five fromthe following:-

(a) Distinguish between Addition polymerisation and Condensation polymerisation.

(b) What are Nano-materials? Give two properties of Nano-materials which make them different and superior to Conventional materials.

(c) What is Grease? Under which situation it is used as a lubricant?

(d) A water sample contains :-

(i) Mg (HC03)2 =.14,6 ppm

(ii) Mg (N03)2 = 29.6 ppm

(iii) Ca (HC03)2= 8.1 ppm

(iv) Mg CI2= 19 ppm.

(v) Mg S04 = 24 ppm.

Calculate the temporary and permanent hardn~ss of water sample.(At. wt. C=40, Mg =24, H =1, C = 12, ° = 16, S = 32)

(e) What is triple point? Explain it with reference to one component water system.

(f) ExplainNickel-Hydrogen(Ni-H2)battarieswiththe help ofchemicalreactions.

(g) Explain the preparation, properties and uses of PMMA.


2. (a) What are the main constituent of plastics? Write the functions and examples of each .constituent.

(b) What is condensed phase rule equation? Explain its application with the help of phase diagramto two Component Lead Silver (Pb-Ay) system.

(c) 9 ml oil is taken from machine and it requires 1.5 ml of 0,04 N KOH. Find acid value (density of oil = 0.81 g/ml).


3. (a) How demineralization of water is carried out?

(b) Explain the following terms:

(i) Number Average Molecularwt. (Mn)

(ii) Vulcanization

(iii) Liquid crystal properties of polymers.

(c) Write the classification of plain C steel on the basis of Carbon ‘Content.


4.(a) What is biomass? Describe the method for production of BiQ-gas from Animal Waste.

(b) Calculate the amount of Lime (80 % pure) and Soda (85 % pure) required  for softening 106 litres of water containing the following constituents :-

Ca (HC03)2 = 162 ppm, MgCI2 = 9,5 ppm

NaCI = 58.5 ppm, Mg (HC03)2 = 7,3 ppm

HCI = 36,5 ppm, CO2 = 44,0 ppm

CaCI2 = 111 ppm, MgS04 = 60 ppm.

(At wt. : Ca = 40, Mg = 24, S = 32, 0=16, CI = 35’5, C = 12, H = 1, Si = 28)

(c) State phase rule equation. Mention any three applications. 3


5. (a) What are Lubricants? Explain the Extreme Pressure Lubrication.

(b) 0,5 gm of CaC03 was dissolved in HC! and the solution made upto 500 ml with distilled water. 50 ml of the solution required 48 ml of EDTA solution . for titration. 50 ml of hard water sample required 15 ml of EDTA and after boiling and filtering required 10 ml of EDTA solution. Calculate temporary hardness of water.

(c) Write short notes on (any two) :-

(i) Nano-Wires

(ii) Fullerence

(iii) Nano-Cones.


6. (a) Write the preparationand uses of


(i) Buna-S Rubber

(ii) Urea formaldehyde.

(b) Write the definition and significance of the following terms :-

(i) Flash Point and Fire Point.

(ii) S. V.

(iii) Viscosity Index.

(c) Give brief account of Ultrafiltration.


7. Write short notes on any three of the following :-.

(a) Photovoltaic Cell

(b) Injection Moulding Process

(c) Activated Sludge Process

(d) Application of Nano-materials in Medicines and Catalysis.

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