Mumbai University Previous year question papers Applied Chemistry-I Dec 2009

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

I Year Examination Dec 2009

Applied Chemistry-I

N.B. :

(1) Question No.1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four from remaining six questions.

(3) All questions carry equal marks.

(4) Assume suitable data, if necessary.

(5) At.Wts~

H = 1, C = 12, 0= 8, S = 32, CI = 35’5, Na = 23, Mg= 24, Ca = 40,N = 14.

1.Attempt any five :-

(a) Distinguish between thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

(b) Calculate temporary and total hardness of a water sample containg :

Mg(HC03)2= 7,3 mg/l, Ca(HC03h = 16.2mgll, MgCl2 = 9,5 mgll CaS04 = 13,6 mg/l.

(c) 1.25 gram of an oil was saponified with 50 ml 0.1 N potassium hydroxide solution.After refluxing, the mixutre required 7,5 ml 0.1 N hydrochloric acid for neutrilisation. Find saponificatin value of the oil.

(d) What is triple point? With reference to water-system explain it.

(e) What are fullerenes? State their uses.

(f) Distinguish the allotropes of Irons.

(g) Distinguish betweefl conventinal and non-conventional energy sources.

(h) State the limitations of Phase Rule.


2.(a) Calculate the amount of lime and soda needed to soften 50,000 litres containing the following impurities per litre of water:-

CaCl2 = 222 mg, Mg(N03h = 296 mg,

Ca(HC03h = 324 mg, H2SO4 = 196 mg and organic matter = 130 mg.

(b) Define the terms lubricants and lubrication-Mention the various types of mechanism involved in the lubricatin of Machines. Discuss boundry-film lubrication in detail. of water


3.(a) Write a note on synthesis, properties and uses of the following :-

(i) Polyethylene (ii) Phenol formaldehyde.

(b) Explain the Ion-Exchange process of softening of hard water. Waht are its advantages and disadvantages?


4.(a)What are Nanocones? State the applications of nonomaterials.

(b) Write a note on Haeckelites.

(c) Write a note on Photovoltaic Cell. 5


5. (a) Whatis solarenergy? Explaintheworkingof solarheatingsystemusingplate collectors.

(b) What are special steels? Explain the specific effects of the following metals on the properties of steels :-

(i) Chromium (ii) Cobalt (iii) Molybdenum (iv) Tungeston.


6. (a) Name the different (various) methods to control water pollution. Explain Activated sludge method in detail.

(b) Name the methods for Fabrication of Plastics. With the help of labelled diagram describe Transfer moulding and Injection moulding.


7.(a) Write the Advantages and disadvantages of Lime-Soda process.

(b) Write a note on conducting polymers.

(c) Name and describe the disadvantages (Harmfull effects) if hard water is fed to boilers.

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