Mumbai University Previous year question papers Antena and Wave Propogation Dec 2006

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

VI Sem Electronics Examination Dec 2006

Antena and Wave Propogation

N.B. [I] Question No.1 is’compulsorY

[2]Answerany four out of remaining six questions

[3] Assumptionsmade should be clearly stated

[4] Assumeany suitable data wherever requires!butjustify the sa~

[5] I:iguresto the right indicate marks

[6] Illustrateanswer with sketches wherever re~jrcd

[7] Answerto questions should be grouped and written together

[8]Usea blue/blackink pen to writeanswers.Useofpen!jJ shouldbe doneonlyto draw sketchesand graph



I. Explain the following:-

(a) FRlIS transmission equation.

(b) Maxwell’s equations.

(c) Groundeffects and their applications,

(d) Planar array and their applications,

(e) Loop antennas.


2. (a) Explainthe basic antenna parameters.

(b) Retarded potentials and their importance-


3. (a) Wire antennas and their specific applications,

(b)-End fire vs Broadside arrays.


4. (a) Travellingwave antennas and their applications,

(b) Log periodic antennas vs Aperture antennas.


5. Various reflector antennas and their applications.


6.Types of micros trip antennas and their characteristics.


7 Explain diff~rent microwave propagation methods and their effects.

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