Mumbai University Previous year question papers Advanced Database Management Systems Dec 2008

Mumbai University Previous year question papers

V Sem CSE Examination Dec 2008

Advanced Database Management Systems


 (1) QuestionNO.1is  compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions out of remaining six  questions.

(3) Figureshould be neat and clean.


01. To design and implement a dafabase that manages information about publisher, author, and ,books. Some information includes: A publisher has a name and an address for the headquarters .Each publisher also has a set of branches, each branch having an address and two phone number. An author has a name and an address. A book is published by publisher and has a list of authors associated with it. An author can publish several books and a book can be published by only one publisher.

1) Draw an extend~d E-R diagram for the system.

2) Draw ,an object oriented schema

3) Take twp typical queries and write them in OOL.


02.a) How concurrency control & recovery is done in distributed database

b) Describe the feature of SOL 3


03. (a) Explain data fragmentation. Replication and aUocation technique for distributed database design

b) Describe archicture for parallel database


04.a) What is XML application? Explain querying & transformation of XML data [10]

b) Give the general archicture of mobile computing using wireless & Client network relationship [10]


05.a) what are the application of data ware housing and data mining?

b)Write notes on Temporal Database.


06.a)Define the concept of nested relation in ORDBMS with example

b) Write notes on Geographical information system (GIS).


07.Write short notes on any Four :-

a) Subclass and super class

b) Persistent object

d) Transient object

d) Object identity

e.)Object structure.

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