Mumbai University Question Papers IT IInd Year IV Sem Microprocessor and Microcontrollers

Mumbai University

IT  IInd Year IV Sem

Microprocessor and Microconrollers Question Papers

N.S.: (1) Question NO.1 is compulsory.

(2) Solve any four out of the remaining six questions.

(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever required.

1. Design an 8086 based system to interface :-

(a) 64 KB RAM using 62256 chips

(b) 64 KB EPROM using 27256 chips

(c) 2 16-bit input and output ports in handshake mode.

For the above specifications :-

(i) Draw the memory map and input-output map

(ii) Draw the necessary interfacing diagram

(Hi) Explain the concept of using absolute decoding

(iv)_’Dr~w. the interfacing diagram ~nd expl~in the,same.

2. (a) Explain theTirner/Counters of IC 8051. , 10

(b) Interface 8051 with 8255 PPI. Explain its interfacing diagram ana hence explain 1.0 th.eport structure of 8051.

3. (a) Explain the addressing modes of 8086 with examples.

(b) Explain the following instructions of 8086 -INTO, CMP,STOS, MOV,ADC.

4. (a) Explain how parameters are passed to a procedure. Also write an 8086 based 10 assembly language program to generate a delay of 100 Msecs. Assume system frequency to be 10MHz. .

(b) Draw the schematic of maximum mode of operation of 8086 and hence compare 10 minimum and maximum mode of 8086.

5. (a) Writean assemblylanguageprogramfor 8051 micro-controllerto generatea square 10 wave of 2 KHz on pin 1·0 assuming crystai frequency of 12 MHz. Justify the mode of operation.

(b) Explain what is meant by segmented memory. State its advantages and 10disadvantages (if any) and hence explain the logical and physical address in 8086 with example. ‘

6. (a) Explain the hardware and software interru’pts of 8051 micro-controller. 10

(b) Explain the register set of 8086.’ Also explain the flags of 8086 in detail. 10

7. Write short notes on :- 20

(a) Watchdog timer of PIC

(b) Serial communication of 8051

(c) Assembles directives

(d) Jump instructions of 8051

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