Mumbai University IT II Year IV Semester FAMTI Question Papers

Mumbai University

IT  II Year IV Semester FAMTI Question Papers

N.S. : (1) Question No. 1 is compulsory.

(2) Attempt any four questions from question Nos. 2 to 7.

(3) All questions carry equal marks.

1. (a) Define the following :- 10

(i) Innovation

(ii) Invention

.(iii) Innovation strategy

(iv) Intellectual property

(v) Entrepreneur.


(b) Explain the s-curve model in tec~Il~lo{!y imprQ\leJ!le”Lan.d_s!atejts.limita~i6ns.—10–“


 2. (a) Define and explain the features of Profit and Loss account, Balance Sr.eet and 10.Cash flow statement.

(b) Explain debit note and credit note. 10


3. (a) Define depreciation and give the various methods of depreciation. 10

(b) Mr. Alex purGhased machinery on 1st April, 2009 for 1,50,000 ~ He purchased 10further ~achinery on 1st October, 2009 costing ~ 1,00,000 and on 1st July2010 costing ~ 50,000. .On 1st January 2012, one third of the machinery purchased on 1st April, 2009 became obsolete and was sold for ~ 15,000. Show machinery account assuming that the financial year ending is 31st March every year. The rate of depreciation to be charged @ 10% p.a. straight line method.

4. (a) Explain the following :-

(i) Assets

(ii) Creative Accounts

(iii) Opening and Closing· Balance

(iv) Ledger

(v) Double Entry Book Keeping. .


(b) Explain the role of technology in wealth creC!tion process. Explain the ABC (Always Better Control) and EOO (Economic Ordering Quantity) 10 techniques of Inventory Management.

(b) Friends Enterprise manufactures a special product ‘ZED’.The following particulars are coliected for the year 2008.

(i) Monthly demand of zed: 1000 units

(ii) Costing of placing an order : ~ 100

(iii) Annual carrying cost per unit : ~ 15

(iv) Normal usage : 50 units per week

(v) Minimu~ usage .: 25 units per week

(vi) Maximum usage : 75 units ‘per week

(vii) Re-order period : 4 to 6 ~eekCompute from the above :-

(i) Re-.order quantity

(ii) Re-order level

(iii) Maximum level

(iv) Minimum level

(v) Average stock level..

6. (a) Explain different  types of voucher with suitable examples. 10

(b) What are the effects of technology in growth and development of business organization?

7. Write a short notes on :-

(a) KondratIeff “Long waves in Economic Life”

(b) Partnership and Limited Companies

(c) Fianancial Accounting and Management Accounting

(d) Budgetory Control. ‘

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