MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Web based Development Lab


MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Web based Development  Lab



Web based Development  Lab

Topics to be covered in the lab:. Introduction to Web Programming . Installation of PHP/MySql and web

server . Introduction to PHP programming . Writing PHP Programs . Loops, Control Structure and

Arrays . PHP functions . String functions . Array functions . Mathematical function . Graphics functions .File system function . Date and time function . Miscellaneous Functions  Error handling  Object Oriented

Features of PHP File and Directory handling . MySql database . Configuration of MySql server. Starting

MySql server . MySql tables . Displaying MySql data . Adding and removing user access . Advance PHP

programming . mail . PHP – generated PDF files . Web Servers . IIS web Server . Apache web server.


1. Beginning PHP 4 Databases – Christopher Scollo, Harish Rawat, Dipak Thomas, Sanjay

Abraham, Andrew Hill & Jim Hubbard; Wrox Press

2. PHP MySql Website Programming – Chris Bea, Mike Duzzard, Jessy White, Cinis & Dilip

Thomas; Wrox Press

3. PHP Black Book – Peter Moulding, Coriolis Group

4. MySql – PHP Database Applications – Jay Greenspan & Brad Bulger; John Wiley & Sons

5. PHP MySql Website Programming: Problem-Design-Solutions – Chris Bea, Mike Duzzard,

Jessy White, Cinis & Dilip Thomas; Apress

6. Essential PHP for Web Professionals – Christopher Cosentino; Prentice Hall

7. Sam’s Teach Yourself PHP 4 in 24 Hours – Matt Zandstra; SAMS

8. PHP 5.1 For Beginners – Ivan Bayross, O’Reilly, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd

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