MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Information Technology Information Retrieval


MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Information Technology Information Retrieval


 Information Retrieval 

INTRODUCTION- Information storage and  retrieval systems, Data Structures and Algorithms Related

to Information Retrieval

RETRIEVAL STRATEGIES –  Vector Space Model,  Probabilistic Retrieval Strategies, Language

Models,  Inference Network, Extended Boolean retrieval,  Latent Semantic Indexing

RETRIEVAL  UTILITIES – Relevance Feedback ,  Clustering,  Passage-Based Retrieval, N-grams,

Regression Analysis, Thesauri, Stemming, Semantic Networks,  Parsing, Ranking

EFFICIENCY-  Inverted Index, Query Processing, Signature Files,  Duplicate Document Detection

INTEGRATING STRUCTURED DATA AND TEXT – Review of the Relation Model,  A Historic

Progression,  Information Retrieval as a Relational Application,  Semi-Structured Search using a

Relational Schema,  Multi-dimensional Data Model


1. Information Retrieval Data Structures & Algorithms by William B. Frakes, Ricardo Baeza-Yates

2. Information retrieval- by D A Grossman , Ophir Frieder, Springer International Edition

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