MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Information Technology Discrete Structures



MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Information Technology Discrete Structures 





 Discrete Structures 

Logic:  Introduction to Logic, Propositional Logic and Predicate Logic

Propositional  Logic:  Elements  of  Propositional  Logic,  Truth  Table,  Connectives,  Construction  of

Proposition, Converse and Contrapositive, Reasoning with Propositions, Identities of Propositions and

Dual,  Use  of  Identities,  Implications,  Reasoning  with  Propositions,  Proof  of  Identities,  Proof  of


Predicate  Logic: Well  Formed  Formula  (Wff)  of  Predicate  Logic,  Predicate,  Quantification,

Constructing Formulas, Reasoning with Predicate Logic, Quantifiers and Connectives.

Set   and   Functions: Sets, relations, functions, operations, and equivalence Relations, relation of

partial order, partitions, binary relations, Equivalence relations. Recursion, Proof by Induction

Number-theoretic  algorithms:  Greatest  Common  Divisor,  Chinese  Remainder  Theorem,  Primality

testing, polynomial representation of binary number, Galois fields, primitive roots, discrete logarithms.

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