MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Information Technology Data Mining and Data Warehousing







MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Information Technology  Data Mining and Data Warehousing





Data Mining and Data Warehousing

Introduction to Decision Support Systems, Data Warehouse and Online Analytical Processing. Data

Warehouse Architecture: System

Processes, Process Architecture: Load Warehouse, Query, Detailed and Summarized Information.

Design: Data Base Schema Facts, Dimensions and Attributes. Introduction to Data Base and Metadata.

Data Warehouse Implementation.

Data Mining : Introduction and need.

Data Processing : Data Cleaning, Data Integration and Transformation, Data Reduction.

Data Mining Primitives : Descriptive and Predicative Data Mining, Language DMQL and its Preliminary

Clauses.Data Mining Methods: Association – Single and Multilevel, Characterization and Comparison,

Regression Analysis, Classification and Predication.

Data Mining Algorithms: Clustering, Association, Regression, Decision Trees.

OLAP : OLAP Architecture, ROLAP, and MOLAP. Application and Trends in Data Mining.


1. Data Warehousing in the Real World – Anahory and Murray, Pearson Education.

2. Data Mining – Concepts and Techniques – Jiawai Han and Micheline Kamber.

3. Building the Data Warehouse – WH Inmon, Wiley.

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