MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science VLSI Algorithms




MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science  VLSI Algorithms 




VLSI Algorithms 

1. Introduction of VLSI Technology, VLSI design cycle, design styles, basic Layout rules and

circuit abstraction, introduction to standard Cell, Gate array,  FPGA

2. Overview of basic graph algorithms, Graph algorithms for physical Design

3. Partitioning: Classification of partitioning algorithms, Karnighan-Lin Algorithm, FM Algorithm,

Ratio cut algorithm

4. Floor-planning: Rectangular dual graph approach of floor-planning, hierarchical tree based

approach, Integer programming based floor-planning.

5. Placement: placement by simulated annealing and force directed method

6. Routing: classification of routing algorithms,  Global routing: Maze routing algorithms, line

probe algorithms, Steiner tree based algorithms, Detailed Routing: Single layer and two layer

routing algorithms, routing in FPGAs


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