MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science Programming in Java

 MNIT Jaipur Syllabus Computer Science Programming in Java

  Programming in Java

Introduction: Internet, Java as a tool for internet applications, Byte Code and its advantages.

Object  Oriented  Programming  and  Design:  Review  of  Abstraction,  Objects  and  other  basics,

Encapsulation,  Information  hiding,  Method,  Signature,  Classes  and  Instances,  Polymorphism,

Inheritance,  Exceptions  and  Exception  Handling  with  reference  to  object  modeling,  Coupling  and

Cohesion in object oriented software. Object Oriented Design – Process, Exploration and Analysis.

Java Programming Basics:  Fundamentals: Variables and assignments, Input and Output, Data Types

and Expressions, Flow of control, Local variables, Overloading Parameter passing, this pointer,

Java Object Oriented Concepts:  Objects and Classes: Use of file for I/O, Formatting output withstream  functions,  Character  I/O,  Inheritance,  Public  and  private  members,  Constructors  for

initializations, Derived classes, Flow of Control

Java Data Structures and Advanced Topics

Arrays  –  Programming  with  arrays,  arrays  of  classes,  arrays  as  function  arguments,  Strings,

Multidimensional arrays, Arrays of strings, vectors, Base classes.

Introduction to Java Applets


1. Herbert  Schildt: JAVA 2  – The Complete Reference, TMH, Delhi

2. U.K.  Chakraborty  and  D.G.  Dastidar:   Software  and  Systems  –  An  Introduction,  Wheeler

Publishing, Delhi.

3. Joseph O’Neil and Herb Schildt: Teach Yourself JAVA, TMH, Delhi.

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