MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science Object Oriented Programming


MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science  Object Oriented Programming 


Object Oriented Programming 

Object  Oriented  Programming  and  Design:  Review  of  abstraction,  objects  and  other  basics,

Encapsulation,  Information  hiding,  method,  Signature,  Classes  and  Instances,  Polymorphism  and


C++ Programming Basics: Fundamentals, variables and assignments, Input and Output, Data types and

expressions,  flow  of  control,  subprograms,  top-down  design,  predefined  functions,  user  defined

functions, procedural abstractions, local variables, overloading function names, operator overloading,

parameter  passing,  this  pointer, destructors,  copy constructor,  overloading  the  assignment  operator,

virtual functions, function calling functions, friend functions, recursive functions, recursive member

functions. Static member function.

C++ Object oriented concepts: Objects and classes, use of file for I/O, formatting output with stream

functions,  Character  I/O,  inheritance,  structures  for  diverse  data,  structures  as  function  arguments,

initializing structures, defining classes and member functions, public and private members, constructors

for initialization, standard C++ classes, derived classes, flow of control, use of Boolean expressions,

multiway branches, use and design of loops. Friend function and friend class.

C++ Data structures and Advanced Topics: Arrays – programming with arrays, arrays of classes,

arrays as function arguments, strings, Multidimensional arrays, Arrays of strings, pointers Dynamic

arrays,  Classes  and  dynamic  arrays,  Base  classes,  access  control,  Templates-  generic  classes  and

functions, namespaces. Standard Template Library.


1. Balaguruswamy: Object-oriented Programming with C++.

2. Robert Lafore: C++ Programming

3. Ashok N. Kamthane : Object Oriented with C++, Pearson Education

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