MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science Network Security


MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science  Network Security




Network Security

Review of wired/wireless network protocols, intrusion detection systems, malicious software.

Review of cryptographic algorithms, protocols, cryptanalysis, authentication and signature protocols.

Kerberos, PKI, real-time communication security, IPSec: AH, ESP, IKE.

SSL/TLS, e-mail security, PEM and S/MIME, PGP, web security, network management security,

wireless security.

Threats in networks, network security controls, firewalls, intrusion detection, administering security

Honeypots, password management, malicious software, viruses and countermeasures


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CP-472 Biometrics (3-0-2) 4Biometrics: Need, Conventional techniques of authentication, challenges – legal and privacy issues.

Biometrics: DNA, fingerprint, Iris, Retinal scan, Face, hand geometry, human gait, speech, ear.

Handwriting, Keystroke dynamics, Signature

Multimodal biometrics: Combining biometrics, scaling issues.

Biometric template security.


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