MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science Network Programming Lab




MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science  Network Programming Lab





Network Programming Lab  

The following proposed coverage are broad guiding areas lab. The instructor offering the course in

consultation with the theory offered can adopt further variations in tune with CP-325.

1. Programming for data encoding, CRC detection and Correction.

2. Estimation of network delay through OS utilities.

3. Simulation and Emulation of Bus and Star topology, DLC, MAC protocols using Benchmark

LAN trainer kits.

4. Packet measurement and observation using network sniffing tools.

5. Use of sniffers for protocol dynamics.

6. Introduction to Socket programming and application development for internet.


       1. Computer Networks and Internet: D.E. Comer, Pearson

       2. TCP/IP Illustrated, W. Stevens, Vol 1-2, Pearson Eds.

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