MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science Compiler Design




MNIT Jaipur Syllabus computer science  Compiler Design




 Compiler Design 

Translators: Introduction to compilers, translators, and interpreters, compilation process.

Lexical Analysis: Finite automata, Regular expressions, Design & implementation of lexical analysers.

Syntax Analysis: Context Free Grammars, Derivation and Parse trees, Bottom-up and Top-down

Parsing. Ambiguity, Shift Reduce Parser, Operator Precedence Parser, Predictive Parsers, canonical

collection of items, LR parsers.

Syntax directed translation: Syntax directed translation, Attributes, Intermediate codes, Three address


Symbol table organization: Hashing, linked list, tree structures.

Memory allocation: Static and dynamic structure allocation.

Code optimization: Basic blocks, Flow graphs, DAG, Global data flow analysis – ud-chaining,

available expressions, Loop optimization.

Code generation: Compilation of expression and control structures. Error detection and recovery. 


1. Aho, Ullman and Sethi: Compilers – Principles, techniques and tools, Pearson Education.

2. Tremblay, Sorenson: The Theory and Practice of Compiler Writing, BSP.

3. Holub, Compiler Design in C, PHI.

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