Microprocessor and Its Applications EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Microprocessor and Its Applications EC Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

Fifth Semester

EC-301 Microprocessor and Its Applications [3 1 0 4]


Introduction to Microcomputers & Microprocessor: Digital computing, Computer languages, From large chip computers to single chip Microcomputers, Microcomputers organization, and 4- bit Microprocessors.
Introduction to 8-bit Microprocessor Architecture: Microprocessor architecture & its operations,
Memory, Input/Output, Interfacing devices MPU, 8085 based Microcomputer, Instruction classification, Instruction format, Instruction timings, 8080 A MPU, and Overview of 8085/8080A instruction set.
Introduction to 8085/8080A Basic Instructions: Data transfer instructions, Arithmetic operations, Logic operations, Branch operations, Programming techniques using looping counting & indexing, Dynamic debugging, Time delays, Counters, Stock, Subroutines, Conditional call, and return instructions, Advanced subroutine concepts.

Interrupts: The 8080A interrupts 8085 interrupts, Restart instructions, Additional I/O concepts & processes Parallel Input/Output And Interfacing Applications: Basic interfacing concepts, Interfacing output displays, Interfacing input keyboards, Memory mapped I/O, Interfacing memory, Interfacing D/A & A/D converters

General Purpose Programmable Peripheral Devices: Introduction to 8255, 8253 programmable interval timer, 8259 A programmable interrupt controller, SID & SOD lines, 8251 USART.
Introduction to 8086 architecture, programming & Interrupts.

Books Recommended

1. Ramesh S Gaonkar, “Microprocessor Architecture- Programming & Applications with
8085/8080A”, 5th Ed., Penram International Publishing (India) Pvt. Ltd.
2. Ram B, “Introduction of Microprocessors & Microcomputers”, 4th Ed., Dhanpat Rai Publisher (P)
3. Rodnay Zaks and Austin Lesea, “Microprocessor Interfacing Technique”, 1st Indian Edition, BPB
Publication (1988)
4. James L Antonakes, “An introduction to Intel family of Microprocessors”, 3rd Ed., Pearson
5. Charles M Gilmore, “Microprocessor; Principles and Applications”, 2nd Ed., McGraw Hill

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