JNTUPAPERS, B-Tech,I-Semester,Bio Electricity And Electrod,November 2008


JNTU, B.Tech,I-Semester,

                                                                                                    Bio Electricity And Electrod

November 2008

                                                                                                       (Bio-Medical Engineering)



1. Enumerate the precautions to minimise elecric shock. Hazards. Interprect the biopotential waveforms.


2. What is refractory period and explain absolute and relative refractory periods.


3. Describe the membrane composition and properties. Add a note on current voltage



4. (a) Explain regarding the standard leads of Einthoven?

(b) What is the relationship between extremity leads and standard bipolar leads?


5. (a) Draw the equivalent circuits and explain the circuit properties of needle and

micro Electrodes?

(b) Mention the important characteristics of above two electrodes?


6. (a) Write a short note on various types of electrodes used to extract bio-signals?

(b) What are physiotherapy instruments?

7. (a) What is the importance of motor nerve conduction ? List atleast 3 pathological

conditions where the conduction velocity is abnormal.

(b) Explain the method adopted and equipment used in the measurement of motor

nerve conduction velocity?


8. Discuss the different waves and rhythms in Electroencephalogram. Explain.



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