JNTU Question Papers Bio-Chemistry 1st Sem Nov 2008

JNTU Question Papers

Bio-Chemistry 1st Sem Nov 2008




1. (a) What is a disaccharide ?

(b) Give two examples with structure?

(c) Discuss the role of any two disaccharides is nutritional metabolism? [3+4+9]


2. Name the major forms of carbohydrates in animals? How do they differ from plant

storage carbohydrates? Show the structural differences. [5+4+7]


3. Write the structure and functions of the following:

(a) Palmitic acid

(b) Arachidonic acid

(c) Linoleic acid

(d) ?-linolenic acid [4×4]


4. Give any three reactions of aminoacids and add a note on titration curves. [16]


5. (a) What are different biosynthetic families of amino acids:- Bacteria and plant

discuss briefly.

(b) What are the processors for amino acid biosynthesis. [8+8]


6. Describe the components of electron transport system and the steps of ATP biosynthesis. [6+10]


7. What is the role of NADPH in the process of converting energy from the sun to

chemical energy? [16]


8. List the inputs (raw materials) and outputs (products) of the light dependent re-

actions and the Calvin Cycle. [16]


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