JNTUPAPERS B-Tech II Semester Examinations, Bio Chemical Engineering, Aug/Sep 2008


JNTU B.Tech II Semester Examinations, Bio Chemical Engineering Aug/Sep 2008

 (Chemical Engineering)


1. (a) Describe the general characteristics of the following:

Ribosome, Mitochondria, Chloroplast.

(b) Give an account of protozoa and algae, with an example for each.


2. (a) Starting with the Michealis-Menten equation for simple enzyme kinetics with

one substrate, obtain the expression relating time and substrate concentration.

(b) An enzyme with a Km of 1×10?3M was assayed using initial substrate concentration of 3×10?3M. After 2 min, 5 percent of the substrate was converted.

How much substrate will be converted after 10,30 and 60 min?


3. (a) Name at least three materials used for enzyme immobilization by

i. Physical adsorption

ii. Ionic binding

(b) Discuss about various physical methods used for enzyme immobilization.


4. (a) Write the equations for specific growth rate inhibited by substrate and product.

(b) Define yield coefficient based on biomass and product, and show how they are used in steady state cell and product mass balance.

(c) Write the Monod equation and explain its parameters. What are its limitations?


5. What are carbohydrates? Explain in detail with examples.


6. (a) Describe the various configurations of CSTRs used for enzyme-catalyzed reactions.

(b) Derive the general substrate balance equation for the single enzyme catalyzed

reaction S!P taking place in a CSTR.


7. Give a simplified schematic of the overall mechanism of anaerobic digestion and

describe the process in detail.


8. Discuss briefly various purification procedures in down stream operations.

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